Santa Cruz Fiber

Project Lead

Santa Cruz Fiber will provide accessible, unbeatable, and affordable internet service for residents and businesses at speeds 10 to 100 times faster than current connections with a three-year timeline to design and build the network to pass every parcel in the city by 2018.

In partnership with local internet service provider Cruzio Internet and the non-profit National Development Council, the City of Santa Cruz proposes to seek lease revenue bonds estimated at $45-50 million, to finance the dark fiber infrastructure and startup costs while Cruzio Internet provides the electronics, local customer support, and blazing-fast internet as the exclusive retailer on the municipally-owned network.

While many communities in the Bay Area have pockets of speed for those willing to pay a premium, Santa Cruz Fiber strives to be the first in Silicon Valley to offer gigabit service to anyone who wants a gig in Santa Cruz at a competitive price.

“Santa Cruz already has an innovative culture. Now, Santa Cruz Fiber will deliver the innovative infrastructure we need to enable our full potential.” — Bonnie Lipscomb, Director of Economic Development

Santa Cruz Fiber forges a public-private partnership unique in the nation, protecting public benefit for internet access as a utility while benefitting and succeeding because of the expertise and financial drive of a private sector partner. Cruzio’s strong community ties and their long experience providing internet services in the area made them an obvious partner.

This means a home business can launch with the benefits of internet speeds roughly 100 times faster than typical DSL and the aging cable systems. Families will easily be able to have multiple HD streams and no one will miss a scene, and 4K displays will have plenty of bandwidth for content.

Santa Cruz Fiber provides Santa Cruz businesses with a world-class broadband network. And it’s all nestled in an amazing community with enviable quality of life on the northern edge of Monterey Bay, a mere skip from Silicon Valley. With this project, we’ll be sending waves around the world and beyond.

“It’s been an honor serving the people of Santa Cruz for the last 26 years. We could not be more excited to take this groundbreaking step in partnership with the City.” — Peggy Dolgenos, Cruzio co-CEO



Tourism is a major economic engine in Santa Cruz, and being able to easily navigate is critical to a positive visitor experience. In 2010 the City launched a wayfinding effort to evaluate and improve upon the experience of navigating around Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Warriors

In 2012, the Kaiser Permanente Arena was developed as a public-private partnership between the City of Santa Cruz, the Santa Cruz Seaside Company, and the NBA team, the Golden State Warriors.