Commercial Signage Grant Program


The Commercial Signage Grant Program provides grants to businesses or property owners to enhance their store fronts with the addition or improvement of commercial signage. The primary objective of the Commercial Signage Grant Program is to promote and assist in the revitalization of the City’s neighborhood-shipping districts by providing grants for replacing and/or adding new signage to commercial storefronts that contribute to the vitality of the area.

The Commercial Signage Grant can be used toward the design, purchase, permitting, and installation of a commercial sign. Project funds can be used for painting of the commercial facade in cases where signage is painted onto the side(s) or front of the building. Funds may also be used towards the purchase and installation of awnings, when awnings include logo and/or business name.

Participating Businesses and Property Owners will receive a reimbursement grant for half (50%) of the total project cost, not to exceed $5,000.

If a larger improvement project is planned/underway at the same parcel at the same time, the total cost of those projects will be considered when determining if prevailing wage requirements will apply. Projects exceeding $15,000 are subject to prevailing wage requirements.