Facade Improvement Grant Program


Elevate the aesthetic of your business, elevate the performance of your business.

The Economic Development Department offers a $10,000 whole grant and $5,000 matching grant per tenant space to help update and beautify your storefront to attract more patrons. All grant funds are provided as reimbursement and a reimbursement up to $1,000 to design consultant is also available.

Grant funds can be used for:

  • Painting
  • Safety lighting
  • Anti-graffiti film coating on windows
  • Awnings
  • Signage
  • Limited exterior structural improvements
  • Limited landscaping (with priority on painting, lighting, and anti-graffiti film coating)

Requirements to Participate

  • The business owner must abide by all prevailing wage requirements set by the Department of Industrial Relations.
    • The business owner must understand that prevailing wage requirements can increase the cost of the project by 30 percent and adds administrative steps that result in the project taking longer than projects not subject to prevailing wage requirements.
  • The business must not have any pending code enforcement violations OR be able to demonstrate plan to fix them before the façade improvement project begins.
  • A larger improvement project must not be planned or underway at the same parcel.
  • The business owner must have an active lease with a minimum of three years remaining OR obtain the property owner’s written assurance of a lease extension.
  • The potential project must be approved by the property owner.
  • The business owner must complete an online application on Slide Room.
  • The property owner must notify all tenants of façade improvement projects.
  • The business owner must pay all invoices and receive grant funds as reimbursement.
  • The business owner must commit to keeping the building clean and free of graffiti for five years after the project is completed by repairing any damages and touch-up painting

Process Overview

To view this in a larger format, click on this link: Facade Improvement Overview

To read about this process in more detail, click on this link: Facade Improvement Guidelines